Failing Infrastructure?

This message won’t speak about roads or bridges or water mains.

It will speak about a 12 day trip my wife and I took to the southwest US last month.

Our first night we stayed in a motel by Nellis Air Force Base.  Highway noise kept us up all night. Ten years ago we spent one night at the hotel at the Hartford, Ct., airport. That time our room overlooked a dozen or so gates and we never heard a plane. Those planes were closer to our room there than the road was to our room in Vegas. It’s possible. Why don’t we do it all the time?

Our next night was at a Western Cabin at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We kind of expected lack of internet, TV, and cell service. We did expect adequate plumbing. We couldn’t use the shower in the morning because toilet contents backed into the tub when the john was flushed. Disgusting. A National Park!

A few days later we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Scottsdale, AZ.   Here the faucet in the bathroom would not turn off. This is an area where water is precious. I know I told the front desk. I know the maid see it every day. Why does it stay broken?

During this trip we drove an Avis rental, a Chrysler 200s.  Every time I had to go into reverse, there was a rather loud noise, a combination of squeal and squeak.  Doesn’t Avis check their cars out? The noise was ather annoying, and definitely made people nearby aware we were there.

I know some would shrug these items off as no big deal. That is what this country has been doing for a long long time.

It is a big deal.

Let’s get ouir act together and show some pride. Otherwise, we are done.


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